Types of Window Screen Spline

Spline plays a crucial role in a window screen.  Spline is what holds the window screen material into the screen frame.  More specifically, the job of spline is to securely hold the screen fabric to the screen frame so that it keeps the fabric taunt and does not allow it to come loose. There are several kinds of spline and that is the topic of today's article.

Types of Window Screen Spline:

  • Serrated Hollow Core Vinyl
  • Smooth Solid Core Foam

Vinyl vs. Foam Spline for Window Screens

Vinyl and Foam spline are both durable products that work equally well.  Really the difference comes down to personal preference.  I personally prefer the vinyl spine, it is a little easier to work with in my opinion.  However, I know others that disagree with me and only use foam spline.  There is a little more flexibility with foam spline when it comes to the size of spline to use.  Foam spline can be compressed more than vinyl spline, so a larger diameter foam spline can be used in several situations where a the same sized vinyl diameter spline would not fit.

Cross-Section of Spline

Spline securely holds the Screen Material to the Screen Frame

Spline Measurements

Spline measurements are for the diameter of the spline and the measurement is typically in inches (i.e.  .125' is a common spline size, and represents 1/8' diameter spline).  Some common spine sizes are:

  • .115' diameter
  • .125' diameter
  • .135' diameter
  • .150' diameter
  • .165' diameter
  • .170' diameter
  • .175' diameter
  • .180' diameter
  • .185' diameter
  • .190' diameter

We have a handy spline size guide for easy reference when checking what size spline is need for a given project.


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