Buyer's Guide: Replacement Window and Solar Screens

Custom Window Screens 'Factory Built
to Your Specifications'

General Information about Window Screens

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The most common materials used for insect screening material are aluminum, fiberglass, and in some cases PVC (for solar insect screens). Fiberglass is flexible, economical and easy to install. It will not crease, dent or unravel. Fiberglass mesh is also more opaque than aluminum mesh, allowing for greater visibility.

One key difference between types of Window Screen material is the MESH SIZE. You'll see dimensions like 18×16 mesh (standard); or other sizes like 18×14 (good for pool, patio & porch insect screening) and 20×20 (no-see-um screens). So for an 18x16 mesh, this means that within one square inch, there are 18 horizontal fibers and 16 vertical fibers.

All orders for window screens are custom made to your specifications.

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