Types of Solar Screen Material

Suntex Solar Screen material is made from a very strong vinyl-coated polyester.  Solar screen material is generally categorized by the amount of heat and glare that it blocks.  For instance, Suntex 90 blocks out up to 90% of the sun's heat and glare, while Suntex 80 blocks up to 80% of the sun's heat and glare.  For a quick breakdown, see the comparison in the table below:

Solar Screen Types and Characteristics

Suntex 80

  • Heat Blockage: up to 80%
  • UV Blockage: 75%
  • Visibility: 25% Openness
  • Most Popular
  • Suntex 80 Color Options - Black, Brown, Gray, Beige, Stucco, Dark Bronze


Suntex 90

  • Heat Blockage: up to 90%
  • UV Blockage: 90%
  • Visibility: 10% Openness
  • Best choice for direct sun
  • Suntex 90 Color Options - Black, Brown, Gray, Beige, Stucco, Dark Bronze

TIP: Dark materials, such as Black, Dark Bronze or Brown provide the best view when looking out your window.

Suntex solar screen fabric is fade resistant and mildew resistant and is engineer for outdoor shading.  Suntex solar screen material is also pet resistant. A frequent question is which is better:  aluminum or fiberglass?  See the below table for an outline of the positives and negatives of Fiberglass window screen material versus Aluminum window screen material.


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