Types of Window Screen Frame

Window Screens are typically made out of either wood frame or aluminum frame depending on the type of window or door you have.

Affordable Screen Co only offers products with Aluminum Frame.  We believe that aluminum frame is the most durable option available to consumers.

Four Characteristics of Aluminum Screen Frame

There are 4 basic characteristics of Aluminum Screen Frame that you will want to be aware of as you look to replace or repair you window screens.

  1. The size of the frame.  This is the factory dimension of the frame itself.  Typically listed as 5/16' x 3/4', 5/16' x 1', etc.  See the picture below as an example.
    Frame Cross-Section
  2. The gauge of the frame.  This is the thickness of the aluminum metal that is roll-formed to create the actual frame shape.  The gauge of frame will typically run between 0.019 - 0.024, with 0.024 being the thicker material.
  3. The style of the frame. The style of frame varies from Traditional to Knife Edge to Inverted Knife Edge.  The style of frame that you need depends entirely on the type of window that you have and how you intend on mounting the screens.
  4. The color of the frame. The color of the frame is dependent on the size of frame that you're needing.  The colors available are intended to match the color of the existing window casement or trim.


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