Types of Window Screen Material

When first researching window screen material, it seems there are hundreds of material options.  While there are many options to choose from, there are only two categories of window screen materialfiberglass and aluminum. All the myriad of window screen fabric options fall into those two categories.

A frequent question is which is better:  aluminum or fiberglass?  See the below table for an outline of the positives and negatives of Fiberglass window screen material versus Aluminum window screen material.

Comparison:  Aluminum vs. Fiberglass Window Screen

Type of Material Pros Cons
Aluminum - Strong
- Long Lasting
- Dents and Scratches Easily (creates permanent creases)
- Expensive
Fiberglass - Inexpensive
- Many Options Available
- Forgiving when bumped

- Less Durable
- Fades over time

Types of Aluminum Window Screens

Aluminum window screens have been in use for decades and are thought of as the original window screen material.  There are only one type of aluminum screening:  18x16 standard aluminum screen wire.  Aluminum wire is available in three colors:  Black, Charcoal and Brite (silver).

Types of Fiberglass Window Screens

TIP: For the best view when looking out your window, choose a dark window screen material such as Black or Charcoal.

There are many sub-types of window screen material made from fiberglass.  Some are:

  • Standard Fiberglass (18x16 mesh)
  • Pool and Patio Fiberglass (18x14 mesh)
  • No-See-Um Fiberglass (20x20 mesh)
  • Improved Visibility Fiberglass Screens
    • BetterVue Fiberglass Screen
    • UltraVue Fiberglass Screen
  • Pet Screen
  • Solar Insect Screen
  • Glas-Shield 'Florida Glass' Screen

The most common colors for fiberglass window screens are black, charcoal and gray.


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