How to Measure for a Full Screen

Before measuring for a Full Screen, you first need to understand how you want to mount it to your window. The different mounting techniques will effect the measurements that you take.

There are basically 4 recommended ways to mount your Full Screens to the window:

  1. 'Tracks'
  2. Casement Clips
  3. Direct Screws
  4. EZ Brick Clips

What are Full Screen Tracks?

First, check for a TOP TRACK at the top of the window.  The TRACK will be a U-shaped channel that the screen will slide up into.

Top Track of Window

Next, look along the sides of the window for a flat area that creates a continuous TRACK up one side, across the top, down the other side and falls behind the LIP at the bottom, as shown below.

View of Side of Window

Next, find the LIP at the bottom of the window.  This lip will be directly below the top TRACK. The bottom of the screen will fit behind this lip to hold it in place.

Bottom Track of Window

The aluminum window shown in the picture above has an inside lip and outside lip (inside for insect screen; outside for solar screen). If yours is similar to the picture sure and find the one on the outside, the 'outside lip'.

If your window does not have these 'tracks' then please go to:

If your window does have these 'tracks' and you're ready to begin measuring your windows, read:


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