How To Install a Wood Hardware Kit

A 'Wood Hardware Kit' is made up of Jiffy Hangers and Loop and Ball Head Nails.

The first step in the installation of a Wood Hardware Kit, is nailing the Jiffy Hangers into the window sash at the top of the window on each side at the same location.  The Jiffy Hangers attach to the side of the outside window frames very close to the top. This allows the screen frame to slide up into the Jiffy Hangers, then the bottom of the screen is pulled in toward the window frame.

Once, the Jiffy Hangers are mounted, slide the Solar Screens into the Hangers and pull the bottom of the screen in toward the window frame.

With the screen 'in place', it is now time to set the Ball Head Nails.  You will want to go ahead and extend the Wire Loops out towards the window and mark the location of both Ball Heads.

Once you have both positions marked, then nail the Ball Heads in.  The location should be closer to the window than the jiffy hangers at the top.


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