Installing a Full Screen without Tracks

Option 1: Installing using Casement Clips

NOTICE: Before installing a screen using Casement Clips, the screen MUST HAVE BEEN MEASURED with CASEMENT CLIPS in mind.  The measurements will be different.

Since you've already measured your window for casement clips you should have markings on your window frame for the casement clips.

A 1/4' driver attached to a drill makes it easy to install the Casement Clips, as the screws are self-drilling.  The screws are color matched to the casement clip.

Option 2: Installing using EZ Brick Clips

Step 1: Slide the E-Z Brick Clips onto the corners and crossbar. We recommend placing the brick clips at the corners and crossbar for strength and support as you will be applying some pressure to install.

Step 2: Push the solar screen into place, applying pressure next to the brick clip.  If the brick clip is too tight (basically there is no way to push the screen in without bending it), then take the clips off the screen and pre-bend them with your hands or flathead screwdriver.


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