No-See-Um Screen Rolls (20x20)


No-See-Um Screen Rolls (20x20)

A tightly woven mesh designed to control small insects. Allows good ventilation and visibility and provides some daytime privacy. Made by Phifer in the USA.
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  • No-See-Um Screen Rolls: Make Your Space Insect Free

    Tired of swatting away tiny insects that manage to infiltrate your home, despite having window screens? This frustrating scenario indicates that the mesh size of your current screens isn't small enough to keep these bugs at bay. Upgrade to our specialized no-see-um screen for effective protection and uninterrupted comfort.

    What are No-See-Ums

    No-See-Ums, also known as sand flies or biting midges, thrive in marshy or coastal areas. These tiny insects can easily enter homes through standard fiberglass screens, as their mesh size provides enough space. They exploit even the tiniest openings, crevices, or spaces to infiltrate your living spaces, emphasizing the need for a robust barrier.

    Key Features of No-See-Um Screens:

    Our screen rolls boast a precise 20x20 no-see-um screen mesh size, creating an impenetrable barrier against tiny invaders. Reinforced with finer mesh fiberglass and permanent glass yarn, these screens guarantee enduring beauty and reliable protection.

    Screen Roll Size Options

    We offer no-see-um screen rolls in a variety of sizes, including:

    • 36" x 25'
    • 36" x 100'
    • 48" x 25'
    • 48" x 100'
    • 60" x 100'
    • 72" x 100'
    • 84" x 100'
    • 96" x 100'

    Where Can No-see-um screens be used?

    • Porches

    Our no-see-um screens are perfect for porches, providing a barrier that keeps tiny insects out while allowing for a comfortable and insect-free space. Enjoy your porch activities without the nuisance of no-see-ums.

    • Patios

    Extend your outdoor enjoyment with mo see um screens for patios. These tightly woven meshes offer comprehensive protection against no-see-ums, ensuring your patio remains a pleasant retreat.

    • Pool Areas

    Keep your poolside experience enjoyable and bug-free. Our no-see-um screens create a reliable shield against small insects, allowing you to relax by the pool without constant swatting.

    • Sliding Doors

    Enhance your sliding doors with our specialized no-see-um screens. The fine mesh provides effective protection, allowing you to enjoy the view and fresh air without worrying about small insects entering your home.


    1. How long do No-See-Um Screen Rolls last?

    Our rolls are crafted with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting protection against No-See-Ums and other tiny insects.

    1. What is the difference between a standard screen and a no-see um screen?

    A standard screen typically has larger mesh openings, allowing small insects like no-see-ums to pass through. In contrast, a no-see-um screen has a finer mesh size, blocking midgets and bugs.

    1. What does a 20x20 screen mean?

    It means that for every square inch of a screen, there are 20 strands of mesh that run both horizontally and vertically. This results in a tightly woven mesh.

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