Dryer Vent Guard


Dryer Vent Guard

100% Stainless Steel Mesh. Keep birds, squirrels and other rodents out of your dryer vent and bathroom vents. 8" x 8" Base x 5" Height.
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    • Stainless Steel Dryer Vent Mesh Screen

      Unsecured dryer vents invite birds and rodents, posing potential hazards. Despite traditional vent covers, constant wear from small animals renders them ineffective. Many methods fall short or worsen lint buildup, causing vent clogs. Our Stainless Steel Dryer Vent Mesh Screen keeps pests out and ensures optimal ventilation—a reliable solution for home safety.

      Product Features:

      Premium Quality: Crafted with 100% Stainless Steel Mesh

      The mesh construction ensures durability and effectiveness in keeping unwanted intruders from your dryer and bathroom vents.

      Easy Installation: Fits Most 3" or 4" Dryer and Bathroom Exhaust Vents

      The design facilitates a hassle-free installation process, catering to the common sizes of dryer and bathroom exhaust vents in homes across the US.

      Prevents Nesting of Birds, Squirrels, and Rodents

      Specifically engineered to act as a barrier, this mesh screen effectively deters birds, squirrels, and other small animals from nesting in your vents, preventing potential damage.

      Rust-Resistant: 100% 304 Stainless Steel for Long-lasting Durability

      Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, the vent guard boasts rust-resistant properties, ensuring longevity and sustained performance even in various weather conditions.

      Aesthetic Appeal: White Powder Coat Finish Blends Seamlessly

      The white powder coat finish adds an aesthetic touch and seamlessly blends with most exterior surfaces, maintaining a clean and polished appearance.

      Low Maintenance: Clean Monthly for Optimal Performance

      Designed for user convenience, the vent guard requires minimal upkeep. A monthly cleaning routine ensures optimal performance and longevity.

      How to Measure And Select The Appropriate Dryer Vent Guard Size?

      Before you purchase a dryer vent mesh screen, you must check whether its dimensions are a proper fit for the dryer vent covers in your house. For that, you need to note down the following features:

      1. Determine Vent Opening Shape:

      Identify whether your dryer vent opening is circular or rectangular. This will affect the measurements you need.

      • Measure Diameter for Circular Openings:

      If your dryer vent cover is circular, measure the diameter. Use a tape measure to find the distance across the center of the circle.

      • Measure Height and Width for Rectangular Openings:

      For rectangular dryer vents, measure both the height and width. Use a tape measure to find the distance from top to bottom for the height and from side to side for the width.

      1. Consider Overlapping:

      When choosing a vent mesh screen, it's often a good idea to select one that slightly overlaps the covering of dryer vents. This ensures complete coverage and effective protection against small animals.


      1. How to install a dryer vent mesh screen?

      Secure the vent guard with exterior-grade screws and a drill, ensuring it aligns over the existing vent cover edges for effective protection against insects and rodents. 

      1. Does the mesh screen affect the dryer's performance?

      No, the stainless steel mesh allows optimal ventilation, ensuring your dryer performs efficiently.

      1. How long do dryer vent guards last?

      Dryer vent guards typically last for many years because they’re made up of high quality stainless steel.

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