Types of Aluminum Screen Material

Aluminum window screen wire is the 'original' screen material in most people's mind.  It is superior to fiberglass in strength and durability.  Aluminum screen wire is 18x16, meaning that has 18 wires by 16 wires woven together in one square inch.

Aluminum Window Screen Material

Aluminum Window Screen Material Colors

Aluminum wire is available in three colors:  Black, Charcoal and Brite (silver).

  • Black offers the best outward view.
  • Brite is the classic look that most people think of with aluminum screen wire.
  • Charcoal offers good outward visibility and matches with existing charcoal screens well.


Specialty Window Screen Wire

Other types of window screen wire are considered specialty wire and are considerably more expensive than traditional aluminum screens.  The being said, for specific applications and for their distinctive look, they well worth the cost.

Phifer Bronze Screen

Phifer Bronze Screen

This unique screen wire is made of 90% copper and 10% zinc.  It weathers to a beautiful dark bronze finish.  This screen material is perfect for high-end applications and architectural accents.  Bronze screen is resistant to salty air.  A typical application includes use in older coastal homes to accentuate the nostalgic look.  For use in screen doors, windows and porches.  Colors:  When new is bright copper color, ages to dark bronze.

Phifer SeeVue Stainless Steel Insect Screening

Phifer SeeVue Stainless Steel Insect Screening

SeeVue, stainless steel screening, is woven with fine wire to maximize outward visibility.  This product is also much stronger than standard insect screen.  SeeVue offers superior airflow and meets high standards of insect protection.  For use in screen doors, windows and porches.  Colors:  Black.